The St. Constantine and Helena Church is located in the center of Old Plovdiv, on the ruins of the fortress wall (The Acropollis) and is the oldest functional religious building in the town. It was built over ruins of a pre-existing Christian sanctuary dating back to the beginning of 5th century.

The church was radically renovated in 1832 when the temple was destroyed and new one was built. The new church was one of the biggest for its time, as churches could not be built in a big scale in that time.

The construction is a typical example for the church architecture of the 19th century. The unique iconostasis of the church was made by Bulgarian iconographer Yoan Paskulis. The icons in the church are work of different masters of this art, among which Zachary Zograf and his brother Dimitar. The icons depict St. Constantine and Helena, The Holy Virgin, Jesus Christ Almighty, St. John the Baptist and others. During the centuries the church has protected a lot of treasures of the middle age icon painting. One of them is the small icon of St. Constantine and Helena, which is believed to bring miracles to the believers. The local people tell a number of legends about its magical influence.

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