The Lamartine House is a Bulgarian Renaissance building. Its owner was one of the renowned merchants from Plovdiv Georgi Mavridi.
The Lamartine House was built in 1830. Its one of the biggest and beautiful houses in the old city of Plovdiv.
In 1833, on his journey back from the Middle East, the French poet and traveler Alphonse de Lamartine stayed in the house for three days. His stay was memorized by his quill, as he was charmed by the host’s hospitality and by the house itself.

Even a course look at the courtyard is evidence of the unknown builder’s mastery, as the manner, in which the house is adapted to the rugged terrain, is proof of his skill. The house’s foundations has irregular outlines and so does the ground floor. The upper two floors are built in classical symmetry. Each of them juts out like an oriel above the lower floor, which increased the volume of the building.

A stone staircase leads to the first floor. The hayets on the two floors consist of three parts: a small rectangular lounge, an oval lounge and a staircase cage. An elegant alafranga niche with painted decorations impresses at the bottom of each of them. There are four symmetrical rooms of different sizes, well-glazed and with a rich geometric carved wood decoration on the ceilings and doors.

The Lamartine House is also used as a home for recreation by Bulgarian writers. A small museum exhibition devoted to Lamartine is organized in one of the rooms on the first floor. The guest book of exhibition features proudly the names of famous persons of our times from all over the world: writers, public figures and politicians.

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