If you don’t visit “Stroeja” while you’re in Sofia, it’s like going to the Grand Canyon blind folded. Well known for its colorful and catchy atmosphere, the place has evolved as the headquarters of the alternative and social active people. It comes to no surprise that “Stroeja” is one of the most cherished and visited clubs in the capital.

Through it’s 20 year history, the bar has kept its music taste swell and rock solid.

“Stroeja”’s weekly program is a proof of that. Wednesdays are reserved for live shows while Thursdays are booked for the good old retro parties. When we say live shows we mean classy rock ‘n’ roll concerts, wicked hip hop events, raw punk sound to fine and sophisticated acoustic performances. Every other day Stroeja’s resident DJ will entertain you with his smooth selection of new wave alternative music.

If you think that people in Sodom and Gomorrah drank a lot of booze you’re wrong. Stroeja is fully packed with all sorts of liquor, cocktails, light alcohol drinks and cheers to everybody.

The bar opens every day from 6 pm to 5 am, don’t miss a chance to check it out.
“Stroeja”, serving alternative culture since 1997.

12:00 – 05:0012:00 – 05:0012:00 – 05:0012:00 – 05:0012:00 – 05:0012:00 – 05:0012:00 – 05:00
  • Address 10 Lege str., Sofia 1000
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