Spaghetti Kitchen & Bar is much more than a place to eat. It is a new social refuge where communication is elevated to a different level. Each element of the innovative setting – from the architecture of the space to the design and taste of every meal – stimulates thinking and broadens the notion of our own abilities.
Located in the hearth of Sofia, the brand new Spaghetti Kitchen & Bar offers a journey through time and space. The menu – based on Italian cuisine and the American tradition of grilled food, enriched with flavors from the East and modern references to the national tradition.
Emphasis is also placed on the innovatory cocktails prepared by some of the best masters, as well as on the choice of music.
If you decided to reinvent Italian cuisine just indulge with fresh pasta and pizza that is well baked around the edges in our Morello oven.
The journey around the world continues with Japanese duck, Norwegian salmon and an octopus from Santorini.
The area with the Prosciutto Bar is an excellent space for wine and tapas.
The original desserts, prepared right on the spot, complement the experience by adding the necessary sweet touches.

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  • Address Sofia, 3 Sveta Nedelya Sqr.
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