Sea of Silver&Gold

Since 1990

…timeless beauty

Sea of Silver&Gold –discover a unique collection of diamonds, gold and silver jewelery and accessories.

Ourcompanyisone of themainimporters of diamondsfor Bulgaria andtheonlyrepresentative of thebrands:

  • Stefan Hafner
  • Porrati
  • IO-SI
  • LentiVillasco
  • Icelink
  • Forever jewels
  • ETERNA Watches

A distinctiveelement in thework of SSG isthecreation of jeweleryentirelyonthecustomer’sidea, aswellasthemaking of engagementrings in differentvariants.Thesuccess of thebrandisdue to years of experience, specialattitudeandattention to detail, withwhichweapproachindividualprojectsandoriginalhand made jewelery.

Our employees are qualified to assist you in the selection and workmanship of your jewelry.

The company teamed up with professionals and prominent craftsmen from around the world, as well as with the best applied artists in Bulgaria to develop collaborative design solutions.

Unique SSG Jewelry can be viewed and purchased at our shop in Sofia at 1,B, RaikoDaskalovsqr.

12:00 - 19:3010:00 - 19:3010:00 - 19:3010:00 - 19:3010:00 - 19:3010:00 - 19:30Day Off
  • Address 1B Rayko Daskalov square
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