The first authentic bulgarian restaurant “Chevermeto” is real Bulgarian restaurant in Sofia established in 1996.


Bulgarian restaurant “Chevermeto” combines dishesfrom old recipes, a folklore spectacle and authentic atmosphere.  The restaurant’s atmosphere offering real Bulgarian comfort and turning us back in time to roots and traditional. For  special occasions as wedding celebrations, jubilee events and other the restaurant offers authentic customs. The team meeting the guests with bagpipes, bread with honey and salt, rituals left as traditions from our ancestors during the ages. We will take you to a Bulgarian fairytale as on old legend.


8:30 p.m famous Bulgarian folklore and pop singers and musicians.

9:00 p.m. Bulgarian national dance ensemble “Makam”.

10:00 p.m. famous Bulgarian performers.


The orchestra Folk-Band “Balkanika” plays in the restaurant every evening. There are popular and loved artists who perform here: Stefka Berova, Kossara Marchinkova, Margarita Popova and Tanya Skechelieva.

The dancing group “Makam” hold an unforgettable folklore show in which they demonstrate the diversity of the Bulgarian tradition reflected in the authentic manners and dances from every part of Bulgaria. The performers move so gracefully as if stepping not on the ground but in the air.

All the program amazes everyone who enters the Bulgarian restaurant Chevermeto. There is magic in the place – that kind of magic, which attracts the senses and the heart forever. The magic of the Bulgarian folk art is also felt here – alive with all of its splendor and beauty, and all of its uniqueness.

We have an Entrance fee of 5lv. for the Folklore Program.


And maybe that’s the evening you want to have? This can come true only at our Bulgarian Restaurant “Chevermeto”.

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  • Address NDK- Pronoto, 1 Bulgaria Blvd
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