Pharmacies Remedium is one of the innovators of the pharmaceutical market in the country and a leader in product diversity. At the creation of the chain 20 years ago, our goal was to offer the Bulgarian client extremely modern and useful pharmacies applying the best practices of the pharmacy business in Europe and America, where the product order, proposals and overall sensation in the objects aim to form a new health, drug and consumer culture.

In our 11 sites in Sofia there are over 40,000 items, the majority of which are exhibited in beautiful and perfectly arranged regal where customers can find a complete nomenclature of the most popular medicines, food supplements and cosmetics as well as many niche products. Our sites are visited by more than 100,000 clients a month, with about 200 master pharmacists, assistant pharmacists and cosmetic consultants providing their highest level of service.

Remedium Pharmacies offer competitive prices and every month customers have access to several thousands of promotional offers.

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  • Address Sofia, 34 Denkoglu Str.
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