The memorial monument to the victims of communism in Bulgaria stands in the eastern part ofthe park around the National Palace of Culture (NDK) and is the largest of its kind in the country.

The memorial monument is dedicated to the victims of the terrorist actions of the Communist Party before the 9th of Sempember 1944 and the victims of the totalitarian regime in Bulgaria, which lasted from 1944 to 1989 and took the lives of people, which retained their religion, had a certain ethnicity or rebelled against the party, regardless of their age.

The memorial monument itself is constructed from polished black granite inscribed with the names of the 7526 fallen, a cross at the center and an Orthodox chapel dedicated to “All Bulgarian Martyrs”.

The memorial monument was opened on the 11th of September 1999, with a church service conducted by His Eminence Inokenti Bishop of Sofia together with priests from the Bulgarian Orthodox Church and priests from the Catholic and Armenian Church.

On the 1th of November 2002, in the ancient church of St. Sofia, the Bulgarian Orthodox Church declared all of the victims of communism in Bulgaria as martyrs, sacred martyrs and holy martyrs.

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