You won’t make a mistake if you go straight from the airport’s Terminal 1 or 2 to Music Club “Terminal 1”. The place is located in the very center of the capital, which is the oldest and by far most beautiful part of Sofia. There you can meet a variety of people who represent the modern subculture of our society.

You can experience music in all its forms. From acoustic nights to pure rock ’n’ roll sound through concerts of world-wide acclaimed artists, to the subby or dance floor electronic music. If you happen to drop by on a Friday night, the club will entertain you with a various music selected by local guest DJs.

With its two floors Club “Terminal 1” has a capacity of up to 700 people and enough space for you and your friends not to be threatened by your fellow mate dancing next to you. Definitely is the place to be. The three bars are fully stocked with all sorts of liquor.

Club “Terminal 1” opens every Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 10 pm to 6 am. Do yourself a favor and next time you visit Sofia – definitely check this place out…’cause there is always another way out!

21:00 – 6:0021:00 – 6:0021:00 – 6:0021:00 – 6:0021:00 – 6:0021:00 – 6:0021:00 – 6:00
  • Address 1 Angel Kanchev str., Sofia 1000
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