The City Garden of Sofia is the oldest park in the Bulgarian capital. It predates the Liberation of Bulgaria being established in 1872.

Today the park is home to the National Theatre “Ivan Vazov” and the National Arts Gallery and is also a place that spells ‘bliss’ in the minds of the younger residents of Sofia. The City Garden is a place of culture and fun. You can see elderly men playing chess alongside some youngsters doing yoga on the grass. In fact, there are all-year-round chess tables located in the park. The park has a huge fountain right in front of the National Theatre, which makes sitting there in the summer very pleasant. In fact, on sunny days, you can hardly find a bench to sit on. That’s not a problem since there are several coffe&bar places around the park.

The City Garden of Sofia is also home for several annual fairs: one of the national book fairs, a Christmas themed fair where you can buy mulled wine, ginger bread and other Christmas season treats and others. The City Garden is also a favorite place for events of all sorts – from rap battles to a symphonic orchestra celebrating the 138 anniversary of Sofia becoming the capital.

The City Garden of Sofia is the park that never sleeps.

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