One of the plentiful natural resources in Bulgaria is precisely mineral water.

Sofia was originally an ancient Thracian city before the Romans took over and named it Serdica. The Thracians saw the great prosperity that comes with the healing and suitable for direct and daily consumption waters that spring there, as did the Romans several centuries later.

When reaching the surface, the water from the Central mineral spring in Sofia have a temperature of 33°C (91.4°F).
The spring waters and the waters that used to run in the public mineral bath (which today houses the Museum of Sofia’s history) share the same source. The spring is literally meters away from the building of the public mineral bath.

To this day the central mineral spring is an important gathering point for locals, as they flock to collect the precious gift from nature for domestic usage. When waiting for the containers to fill up, people are bound to exchange words (as the Bulgarian people are traditionally quite talkative). This practice has given birth to many urban myths and in the earlier days of the city – gossip, of course.

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