HARD BG is an Amber company which main business since its creation in 1991 is the production and trade with Amber (SUCCINITE) products, which, as it is known, is extracted in the Baltic area. Captivated by its everlasting beauty, we are trying to be ambers’ prominent ambassadors in Bulgaria. During all those years we’re presenting   a huge range of Amber products at a competitive price.

The diversity of our models is a result of an uncompromising selection of each stone.  We have a certification license for authenticity of the Amber – completed by our long work practice with this unique mineral. Our company, together with the National Museum of Minerals – is the co-organizer  of the only official exhibition dedicated to the Amber (SUCCINITE) ever made in Bulgaria.

We also present our prestigious original collection of high-quality pearls from  BIWA, AKOYA, SOUTHSEA and TAHITI types under the brand TSUKI NO NAMIDA (Moon’s tear).

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  • Address 2 Kniaginya Maria Luisa Blvd, Shopping center TZUM mag. 01.06 (overpass floor), near Ancient Serdica
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