Bodu SOD Company is one of the leading licensed companies in Bulgaria, providing technical and personal security. This is a huge success, gained in a short while on the security services market.

Bodu SOD has long-term experience in the organization and setting the rules of the process of exercising security measures. The company has at disposal all personal, technical and special conditions to fulfill a quality security task.

We perform centralized monitoring and guardianship of sites on the territory of Sofia, Varna, Bourgas, Bansko, Gabrovo and Sunny Beach Resort Complex. In Sofia, the contemporary business structure has at its disposal:
Operations Duty Centre.
Special armed auto and moto patrols, directed by the ODC.
Qualified specialists and experts, operating the surveillance and security systems.
The company has one of the most functional and up to date personal nets, specially developed in order to meet our high standards. The security and access to the Operations Duty Centre is controlled via video monitoring system and specialized protecting equipment.

The Bodu SOD Centre is developed on a huge space in a building positioned in the highest part of Sofia.
The special modules, separating the computer systems and working stations and the specially dedicated cabinets for information on the secured sites filing are in comply to the modern furnishing requirements.
Personal security
Man-on-site guardianship is the prevailing service that Bodu SOD performs and is preferred in terms of retail security. We perform man-on-site guardianship in the following manner:
• Non-armed or armed sites guardian ship;
• Personal VIP security of individuals;
• Guardianship of valuable consignments and goods (money collection and transport);
• Escort;
• Guardianship of railway sites;

The reputation of the company in terms of quality performance of man-on-site services is based on the high level of the training performed from one side and on the constant process of supervision and evaluation of theemployees.Our personnel have an approved by the Ministry of Internal Affairs uniforms with identification marks. They are equipped with all the necessary protective and auxiliary means. The service is provided in accordance to the basic principles of security, rules and procedures based on our long experience, yield in more that 80 towns and villages where we do business.The high qualification of our employees is kept through different methods of training, programs and analyses.

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  • Address Sofia, 29 Tsarigradsko shose Blvd.
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