The  is an artificial lake located at one of the entrances to of the oldest park in Sofia called Borisova gradina (Boris’ Garden). The Ariana Lake is “B”-shaped with a small island at the narrowest point. The lake is 175 meters long and 75 meters wide.

The Ariana Lake is surrounded by century-old trees that were planted when it was being built in the late 19th century.

Since its completion in 1904 the Ariana Lake has almost always been a place for outdoor activities. In late spring and throughout the whole summer visitors can enjoy water wheels and rowing boats as they glide on the water’s surface alongside ducks. However, in recent years, when winter comes, the Ariana Lake is emptied of its waters, to the point where very little is left, and undergoes a metamorphosis in to heaven for winter sports lovers – it becomes a skating rink covering 1400 m², which makes it the biggest skating rink on the Balkans. The rink is in use from November to April and if the demand is high, it works 24/7.

Aside from physical activities, the Ariana Lake is also a great location for relaxation. There are several cafés and playgrounds for children alongside its bank. For lunch or dinner there is a restaurant with a traditional Bulgarian renaissance decor, serving traditional and more global cuisine.


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