Do you want to work with a reliable company that will translate your documents and provide them with all the necessary certifications from the ministries and state institutions, and legalize them in Sofia?
Do you want the translation and legalization agency to which you entrust important information to sign a Confidentiality Agreement, thus making sure it does not distribute the information from your documents?


You are a company that actively works abroad and you need translation and legalization of your documents. Most often, you translate documents such as Certificates, Guidelines, Foundations, Articles, Blogs, Instructions and other texts and documents, which have to be translated by sworn translators. 

What are your challenges? 

For you, it is important to have peace of mind and the safety that everything with the translation and legalization of your documents will be done in a timely, qualitative manner and will meet the deadlines you follow. It is important for you that the translation is made professionally by proven translators. 

When translating a larger volume of documents, it is important for you to keep track of the working process at all times and to be informed whether you are moving within the deadlines you have set. 

Sometimes documents require translation and legalization and additional certifications, for example from an embassy. It takes you time and often nerves to work with the institutions. 

What do you need? 

You need a translation agency to provide you with the reliability and professionalism of execution. 

You also need to get help with legalizing your documents so you do not waste any time and nerves. Therefore, the translation agency should know how to make all necessary certifications from ministries, agencies, state institutions, embassies, etc. so that you can run your daily business and develop your business in the direction you have chosen. 

You need an agency that has signed a contract with the Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs so that you can use the legalized documents without any problems. 

It is important for you to translate and process your documents quickly so you can get more opportunities for you and your company. 

We at “Marchela” Translation Agency are committed to helping our clients get a quick and quality translation and keep their deadlines. We keep your confidentiality and advise you on everything relating to your translation and legalization. Thanks to this, you save time and get more opportunities for your business. 

We will be happy to help you get such results. 


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