Restaurant Maraia Fusion has been successfully introducing and completing the Maraia brand for several years now. In it, we combined a variety of culinary and interior styles for one single purpose – to give you a different experience every time you are in Maraia’s mood.
The interior, the atmosphere, the menu and the overall concept are the result of the inspirational inspiration of our entire team. By creating Maraia Fusion, we sought inspiration in many culinary and designer concepts from different corners of the world. We offer fusion choices for every occasion and mood.
The cozy atmosphere, the clean lines, the combination of the various lights – natural, soft or dark – are part of the eclectic design Maraia Fusion offers to make your every visit comfortable and interesting.
Come in Maraia Fusion and let us take care of your desires by adding a good mood.

08:30 - 23:3008:30 - 23:3008:30 - 23:3008:30 - 23:3008:30 - 23:3009:30 - 23:3009:30 - 23:30
  • Address Sofia, 123 Georgi S. Rakovski Str.
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