KOTO is the new social place is Sofia. You don’t need a membership but just good mood and style. Place where you can find everything needed for a great experience no matter if it’s a romantic dinner or just a quick lunch with friends. KOTO is the new black for a reason – it’s suitable for everyone and every occasion. We can surprise even the most sophisticated taste with delicious fusion dishes with an Asian twist. You are welcome for a morning coffee, business lunch or lovely dinner with family and friends. And when the night is ripe the bar ambience and the music vibe are nicely blend to unforgettable complete experience. The lights are slowly going down and the DJ is taking control oven the atmosphere. The evening gradually brings you to another sensation, with craft cocktails and noisy cheers. KOTO is not just a restaurant, as black is not just a coulor – it’s a way of life – diverse, dynamic and global, bringing together the tastes of Asia, transformed into a modern and exciting concept. KOTO is the new black!

09:00 – 03:0009:00 – 03:0009:00 – 03:0009:00 – 03:0009:00 – 03:0009:00 – 03:0009:00 – 03:00
  • Address Sofia, 6 Tsar Kaloyan Str.
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