Graf Ignatiev (Count Ignatius) street is a well known commercial street that brings delight to the residents and visitors of Sofia.

Along the street there are three squares: Patriarch Evtimii square, located at the junction between Graf Ignatiev and Patriarch Evtimii streets, Slaveykov square, where the famous book stalls and the French institute in Sofia are situated, and Garibaldi square. Sveti Sedmochislenici church is also located there with the park bearing the same name.

Graf Ignatiev street is great for tourists who like shopping because the whole street is “occupied” by clothes, shoes, trinkets stores and a lot of fast food restaurants – all of this at very reasonable prices. It is a busy street where a few cars pass. The only traffic are the trams and the people. It is basically an outdoors mall. Only arcade games are missing.

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