We in Crystal Burger & Steak are convinced that every bite has to bring delight, provoke curiosity and the desire to find new tastes and joy to the palate. This is why our efforts are focused on finding the best combination of tastes, served in such a way, as to bring the maximum pleasure to all senses.

Our Executive Chef has long experience in restaurants in and abroad. He has imposed his vision and philosophy of well-balanced menu and a restaurant with a clear concept, combining enormous variety of burgers and high quality steaks from specially selected farms from Bulgaria and abroad.

Find the different point of view towards Vitosha Mountain- ours. Pamper your palate with our signiture burgers and rejoice your eyes with the unique view  towards the mountain.

What is unique about Crystal Burger & Steak is the fact that here you can find a great variety of unique slow-cooked burgers from real beef!

What is important for a real burger?

  • to be specially selected from the finest beef
  • to have aspecific, juicy and unique taste
  • to be combined with specially selected vegetables and spices
  • to put just the right amount of the sauce that makes its taste even better
  • to bring joy to your senses

Why choose our burgers?

  • Because they are not simply delicious, they are extremely delicious!
  • Because they are made of real beef!
  • Because we choose specifically the ingredients for every burger!
  • Because the spices and sauces are not put there by chance!
  • Because the combination of our tastes will make you want to try it all…
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  • Address Sofia, Ring Mall, Ring Road 214
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